Friday, December 10, 2010

Black Diamond Guide Gloves

I was looking for a durable and warm ski glove, and in my web search the Guide Glove kept popping up. Turns out this glove was available close to home so I have been putting them through some testing. Dexterity was high on the list too and these gloves have seams cut into the palms for greater fine motor abilities. The also have a long cuff covering the wrist, which is one place I really like to keep out of the snow.
The liners are a fluffy wool pile fabric with a Gore insert and removeable, and I've found the interior disapates the moisture really well. Few things more unpleasant than sticking your hands back into your gloves after lunch only to dicover a stinky, and soggy mess. After two straight full days on the hill recently, the finger and palm leather was salt stained, which means the interior was doing its job.
The gloves are rated to -28 C, and although I've only been to -22, my phlanges were still toasty.
Aside from the leather the remainder of the glove is a four way stretch nylon with great abrasion properties.
Thanks Santa I really love them.


  1. I was thinking of buying these gloves but I noticed that the liners are made of wool. I'm allergic to wool and I was wondering if the wool is touching your hands directly or the Gore insert is in between your hands and the Gore insert?

    Thanks for your help.

  2. That wool is all over your hand, sorry.