Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Terra Plana Evo running shoe

As far as minimalist shoes go, these have to be near the top of the list.
Toes are happiest when they're together and it just isn't natural to have synthetic between my tarsals so this is one of the big advantages over theVibram KSO's.
The toe box provides some wiggle room and a bit more protection than the Vibrams too.
The sole is wafer thin, (4mm) and surprisingly stiff and unnatural and they cause the Evos' to flop around at walking speed, but as the pace increases so does the performance of the shoe.
The most plush area is found in the tongue and the heel, which caused blisters in the other tester in household.
The uppers have a honeycomb design created in latex over a breathable a nylon mesh that resists light water splashes and precip.
Construction is completely glueless to shave the weight and I found the shoes to be ideal for crosstraining and balance exercises.

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