Thursday, February 17, 2011

T-Bar Ridge

Last week I went on a day-trip to Jasper, AB. for some rippin' with Mr. Hume.
iPhone and GoPro video compiled for a sample of the day.

Kiteboarding video by thegearhound

I recently shot this video with my GoPro camera. I tried attaching the cam. Andreas' skis but it just popped off and I was lucky to find it in the spindrift.
Andreas was kind enough to hold the camera, and well....he knew what to do.
So a big thanks to him and to Ross for an afternoon well spent.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Salomon S-Lab gaiters

Running in the springtime slop is similar to running the dry, dusty trail in high summer for one reason. Crap you don't want in your shoe bed, creeps in and plays spoiler.
Gaiters my friends, are the cure for this pet peeve of mine. Salomon makes their S-Labs in sizes to fit your low cut shoe with more precision. Hook and loop snug them around the ankles even further and the under-strap keeps them in place. The fabric is a light and breathable, but not resistant to snagging on the enclosure. So I refasten the H&L after use as prevention.
I have encountered resistance from runners who fear overheating, but I have yet to experience this, especially with these high quality gaiters from Salomon.