Saturday, February 12, 2011

Salomon S-Lab gaiters

Running in the springtime slop is similar to running the dry, dusty trail in high summer for one reason. Crap you don't want in your shoe bed, creeps in and plays spoiler.
Gaiters my friends, are the cure for this pet peeve of mine. Salomon makes their S-Labs in sizes to fit your low cut shoe with more precision. Hook and loop snug them around the ankles even further and the under-strap keeps them in place. The fabric is a light and breathable, but not resistant to snagging on the enclosure. So I refasten the H&L after use as prevention.
I have encountered resistance from runners who fear overheating, but I have yet to experience this, especially with these high quality gaiters from Salomon.



  1. I've always worried that a strap under the foot would get caught on trail debris. Ever heard of any credible complaints?

  2. My trail shoes in the photo have enough room in the arch and between the lugs on the sole so the gap between the sole and the strap is minimal.
    No, I've not heard of anyone catching the gaiter strap on trail debris.

  3. "resistance from runners who fear overheating"? That's interesting. I have a pair and with the thin material they're made from, that hasn't once caused me to "overheat" by any means. That issue’s never crossed my mind to be honest.

    The only feedback I have about them was similar to what you mentioned regarding the way the velcro enclosure fastens facing forward making it not all that ideal for more aggressive trails when running through low brush and growth. Reversing the flap enclosure would be a better design, but none the less, I love them.

    I especially noticed the benefit when running down steeper trails where debris tends to kick up and get into my shoe. I tend to wear low socks when trail running and these also help protect my ankles from getting cut up when the opposite shoe’s sole swipes the opposing ankle in tight turns or technical sections.

    Only issue is that they were impossible to find out here in Vancouver. Being in the type of environment we are…MOUNTAINS! I thought it would be an easy find, especially on the North Shore. A Salomon rep unfortunately couldn’t even track them down for me out here and I ended up ordering them from Ontario of all places. But some of the best $20 I’ve spent.


    PS Jeff – My trail shoes don’t really have a deep arch on the underside and I’ve never had issues with the strap sliding or getting caught on anything.

  4. The velcro fastening is facing backwards if you put them on correctly, you just have switched the left and right. :-)