Thursday, December 30, 2010

MEC Mercury Tights

Occasionally a purchase can bring about linger feelings of buyers remorse. Not for parting with your loot, but for the choice of garment you've just made.
The Mountain Equipment Co-op Mercury tights are a perfect example of this dilemma. Inexpensive, but the pros end there, and the check marks in the list of cons is lengthy.
First of all look up at the photo, see how the rise of the crotch extends to just below the nipples?. Inexcusable in 2011. Twenty years ago this may have been OK, but I can't stand an ill fitting pair of tights. The waist band should never have to be rolled over to make the fit adequate.
Secondly, after a few wears and washes, they are a saggy mess. The elasticity of the fabric is gone and they fit more like a size large than a medium.
They are fleece lined for cool weather endurance activities and have an abundance of reflective piping, but they probably won't experience fresh air again.


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