Monday, March 22, 2010

Arcteryx Stinger bib pants

Ocasssionally I encounter gear,like these Stingers, that I almost feel guilty owning. These pants are so good they deserve to be in Chamonix, or the Chugach where they can serve their owner in epic conditions. Instead they are on a ski patroller on a little bump on the prairie. Sure they are overkill for what I have been using them for so far but occasionally I get to the Rockies and really rip. Just for those days I have the Stinger pants. They feature four pockets, and double ended zips for venting, bomber inner boot plates, snow cuffs and of course a ballistic Gore shell. There is ample room in the knee and the tush for the tele stance. These pants are really the pinnacle and sometimes I feel guilty, but sometimes I know I deserve the best. Stinger bibs are just that.
PRICE - $500.00 CDN (yea....ouch)

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