Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Adidas Evil Eyes

Typically I avoid 'the hype'. Movies, music, gear, whatever. I like to find things that work for me on my own terms without an advertiser telling me what I need.
Last summer just before a long group ride, a man approached and opened with something like, "Oh I see you bought the hype." He was pointing to my Cervelo Soloist, and his comments still reverberate with me. For the record, I bought that bike for many reasons that still make sense to me, and the advertising was not among them.
So how does that relate to the Evil Eyes? Recently two guys I ride with were donning these glasses. They both raved about how they had interchangable lenses, tilting arms, making it easier to see while riding in the drops, removable arms with a headband.
The Adidas Evil Eyes are outstanding glasses, they fog slighly, but for the most part they stay clear. Mine came with two sets of lenses, grey with a mirrored finish and an amber. I ride, and ski with both. Another really cool feature of these shades is the foam band lining the top of the frame which keeps them off your forehead, and collects perspiration. The nose piece is also interchangable to accomodate all beaks and the ribber grooved arms keep the glassed firmly in place.
These are my training and racing glasses and they get alot of use, and the lense coating is still keeping them clear.
Made in Austria

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  1. Interesting.
    The foam reminds me a little of my vintage Oakleys and a early pair of Rudy Projects I have. Both incredible specs that are still good to use 17 years after I got them...only problem is the foam liner disintegrated and the glasses have sat mostly unworn for the better part of 15 years...
    I find less is more with sports specs...stuff that can wear out will and will then be hard to replace.