Monday, February 1, 2010

Vibram Fivefingers KSO

A few years ago a friend of mine gave up his dream of developing a shoe that fit like a glove.
He discovered the Vibram fivefingers and quickly became their biggest fan.
Over time I saw the need for such a shoe, and jumped on the wagon.
Sure they look kinda odd, fit wierd, but get past that and you have a shoe for everything.
Honestly I have worn this shoe in all conditions, and have tried it in most sport applications where a binding
isn't needed. (Injinji even makes socks to fit the Fivefingers.)
I wore them a few days ago in the surf, thus the white wax on the toes, and I forgot i was wearing them within a few minutes in the water.
They saved my toes and soles on the sharp coral and lava and gripped the board tight.
The KSO(keep stuff out) is a tight fit around the circumfrence of the ankle and shielded me from the sand while running on the beach.
On land and water the fivefingers go with me everywhere.
Their line-up is expanding to leather uppers so check them out.

*Note* I would recomend buying the shoes a bit small if you can do it. They only come in full sizes and they expand with use, especially in the water.

about $80

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