Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sugoi Raglan L/S jersey

It's almost easier to describe what this jersey isn't as opposed to what it is. It's not flashy or techy, nor hot off the euro runway.
However it is a garment at the top of the pile and so it's my go-to winter endurance sweater. It's a workhorse and it hasen't let me down when I ride, ski or run. It has elastic cuffs and waist and three generous pockets out back, and the only knock against it is the lack of wind block. But really that's minor because it's hard to pry this jacket off my shoulders. I also am pleased with the longer cut in the frontside waist that doesn't ride up past my navel when I ski or run. This is noticable on some of my other and more expensive jackets.
At this point if you pass a someone on the trail like the guy above with that jersey, it's probably me.


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