Saturday, January 16, 2010

Olympic Torch Relay kit

Ok first of all look at the emotion on my face. Happy, really happy and proud.
But I want to put the emotion of the day aside and focus on the garments torch bearers for this Olympics have been wearing for 78 days now leading up to the Vancouver winter games.
They are a large fit to allow bulky winter clothes underneath as they glowing white lined nylon suit is uninsulated. The polyester Chinese made suit is windproof to its credit, as the winters winds howl across this country, but on a day hovering around the freezing mark when I ran, the lack of heat management made me a sticky, smelly mess after only 300 metres of walk/running. Although organizers assure me there have been no incidents to date, I can't imagine a worse fabric to wear especially on my head than acryrlic. Spot the danger.
Don't get me wrong here, I was honoured to carry the Olympic flame for a few minutes, but outfit is not a legacy piece for me.
I can't imagine me wanting to pull on the white suit again on my way to the grocery store or before a race. But I now have a great halloween costume.

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