Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sugoi Square Leg trunks

I have never been a shorty wearing kinda guy, but I picked up these trunks as my back-ups. Nothing is worse than going to the pool, and realizing your suit is in wash or hanging to dry on the deck chair. So two pairs is really better than one.
These little numbers have won me over. They are super durable, made from what Sugoi calls "Poly swim fabric", and have really stood up on my long term test. They honestly look they just came off the rack. They are still more or less my second pair of trunks, but as my primary pair fade and sag, the Sugoi square leg swim shorts are moving up to take over.
A recommended buy.
flat seams
three inch inseam
prelaced stretch drawsting and front jock-style liner.
about $40 CDN.

dront jock-style stretch liner for ultimate comfort.front jock-style stretch liner for ultimate comfort. 

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