Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Primus Primlite CT

This light is bright!
Enuf said right?
Six LEDs and one diode light are plenty of light to stumble around the campsite or the backyard. I have used it to B.B.Q. in the dark, work under the hood, and to ride in the dark, although the throw isn't quite far enough.
I bought it for the final leg of a 24 hour running relay deep in the Canadian wilderness, http://www.canadiandeathrace.com/, which began at 02:00 hrs and was lit by the moon. Needless to say the light performed and earned rave reviews as a result.
It comes with a nifty carrying pouch which diffuses the light in a tent or around sleeping creatures. 
About $80 CDN.

" Dimensions: 50 x 66 x 32 mm - 2'' x 2.6'' x 1.3''
" Weight: 68 g - 2.4 oz
" Alkaline batteries: 3 AAA
" Water resistance: Waterproof IPX7
" White diod: 6 White
Range: 16 m - 17 yd
Burn time: 80 h
" Luxeon diod: Luxeon™ (45 lumens)
Range: 75 m - 82 yd
Burn time: 12 h "

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