Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Contera Adjusta-Pro radio chest harness

When I joined the ski patrol I was offered the use of a standard radio harness supplied by the patrol at the ski hill. But even before my first shift, I knew a community piece of equipment wasn't going to cut it. I like gear and owning my own harness is just logical. My supplies in the harness, and the same kit all the time is really important when a skier is injured and I need to know where my tape, my shears, or my gloves are.
All the above fits in the roomy pocket. I also keep a red beacon for patroling at night that wraps on a pole to mark a scene. A pen and notepad, and my 10 code cheat sheet also fit in there. A permanant marker for marking lift tickets or restocking tags goes in the pen slot beside the pocket.
On the front of the pocket is a four stage LED light with one red, and one white bulb. It has two points of adjustability and can be used to illuminate the trail or read a map. A really great additional feature is that it slides out of it's sleeve so it can go where ever you want it.
The radio pocket is easily adjustable to accomodate just about any size of radio, even the FRS.
There are a pair of elastic antenna holsters to keep it out of the way and in a vertical position.
Although the selection of radio harnesses isn't huge, the Adjusta-Pro is really the top of the heap with adjustability, simplicity and usefullness. The light puts this harness over the top.



  1. Best radio harness ever! i've used mine since I joined 8 years ago!

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