Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Crankskins Crank wrap

When you own nice stuff, you want to maintain it like the day it joined the family. At least I do. I think I take good care of my gear, and it returns the favour with years of service.
Recently I installed some DA 7800 cranks on my road ride, which are notorious for showing heal rub. Crankskins are made to keep your cranks, seat post, downtube, frame and fork protected from nicks and scrapes.
I ordered the candy red to match my frame colour, expecting to get two extra wraps sent out, but they included a checkered flag one too. Now I wouldn't be caught dead with anything that refers to auto racing, trucker hats and swill beer, but the gesture was appreciated. (must be a slow seller).
The decals are supposed to be die-cut, but mine are not and I used scissors to cut them out.
Other than that the $21 for four decals including shipping was reasonable for the duty they will perform to keep the crank arms bearing their type.
Available in a growing variety of colours, patterns and textures specific to a wide variety of road and mountain cranks.

PRICE: $15.00 USD

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