Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Skinz Road Bike Protector

I just dragged my road bike 1200km across the Rockies and back for some riding on the beautiful roads of the Columbia Valley. Even after my mishap with a garage door earlier this year, I still believe transporting a bike on a roof rack is the best way to go. The trouble is on the highway with bugs and stones messing up the front of your ride. My last cover from Sci-Con implodes after one highway journey and the choices in this niche market are pretty slim. Enter the Skinz protector. It covered the bars and the forks generously and nylon strapping secured around the load bars of the rack. Velcro strapping is also found near the saddle and the stem to keep in in place at high speed.

The entire protector folds up nicely into a pouch that doubles as the seat protector when the Skinz is in use. Durability has not been an issue yet but I suspect long exposure to the sun, and rain will weaken the lycra.

Skinz makes a wide variety of bike covers for the roof and the rear hitch.

PRICE about $80 CDN

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  1. I agree with you. We should use the protector for our safety. It can really help us. I am going to purchase it.