Thursday, August 5, 2010

Drymax Maximum Protection Crew

I have tender tootsies, and the older I get the more cantankerous they become. As a result, my peds have kept me from running longer distances. Truth is I don't love running, especially on the road. Trail-good, road-bad. Last spring I was talking socks with Ultra distance runner and fellow free-healer, Jeff Ball. ( He put me on to these socks and my feet have been happy ever since. They are bulky, but not padded in any area of the sole. They have high seams, so they don't rub in the shoe and they are dry. The video they produced,(see older posts) demonstrate the sweat removal system. They claim to be 25 times dryer than regular running sock and I believe it.
Sweat causes friction, which leads to blisters.
The Maximum Protection model is aimed at marathon and ultra distance runners. They feature the friction free fibres of Profilen® which has the lowest coefficicient of friction of any solid material.
I've run, played tennis, cycled and run stairs in these socks. They are true to their claims, well made and are proving to be durable. I have probably 40 days in these sock now and only in one instance did my feet burn like the old days. I just ran 27 km on a trails the Rockies with no problems, no blisters, not even a hot spot on the descents.
Great sock, hard to find, but well worth the effort and money.

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  1. Couldn't agree more. I just finished a 125 km trail race in Drymax running v4s. I never changed socks (or shoes) and never had a blister.