Monday, July 19, 2010

Nike Free Running+

These shoes were intended to be my summer everything shoe, and so far they have been. Speed work on the track, stair training, some short distance running, single speed cycling, and even some tennis. I slipped on a few of the Free models, but I went with the Running+ because of their wider platform. And I knew I wasn't going to dedicate these kicks to running.
They take a fit of getting used to. First of all they are soft and my calves fatigued for the first week or so, but the body adapts right? Contrary to the corporate claims, they are not barefoot running, let's be clear. Sure they are a long way from a structured shoe but those marshmallows on the sole do not resemble the balls of me feet in any way. They are a departure for a big corporate machine to an unstructured shoe, but barefoot they are not. They are way to comfy to make that claim.
The bootie-like uppers are seamless and really are a great fit.
I like the shoes and I'd get another pair, I've even recomended them to a few people already.
(It appears they were aware of the shoes, but were waiting for someone like me to make the jump.)
The knock I have against the shoes is durability.They lack this important feature. The shoes are about six weeks old, but look more like six months. My toes are beginning to peek through the mesh and the soles are pretty much shot and I'll be lucky if they last until the leaves turn.

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