Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Until lately a trail shoe was just that.
But the latest adventure shoe from Hi-Tec breaks down many of the trail/road barriers with amazing comfort and ridiculous light weight.
Starting at the bottom, the soles are provided by Vibram® and are lugged appropriately for off road duty. I found the shoes gave me confidence in loose conditions but were surprisingly grippy in the wet and
muck too.
The forefoot of the sole is seriously grooved, giving it amazing flex for whatever kind of running you do. Vibram® calls it Flex-Zone and the groove is angled for a natural hinge motion. The heel is slim and not overly bulky which favors a mid to fore foot strike.

The mid-sole has eight densities of foam that correspond to pressure points on the foot strike and make this shoe one of the most comfortable shoes I've worn. Period!
Admittedly there was an adjustment period, but now the marriage of my feet and these shoes are in the honeymoon stage with no end in sight. The V-Lite Infinities are nimble and have cradled my peds to the point where I can focus on the trail and the obstacles coming my way and not constantly evaluate foot comfort. I've worn them on the road too and although they might not be my first choice in the future, they are up to task on the asphalt. But point them in the ditch and here's where they shine. The uppers are seamless technology which virtually eliminate hot spots and they are coated with a microscopic water management system.
Ion mask™ technology was developed for military application but the V-Lite Infinities are the first shoes to adapt the molecular surface enhancement.
This means the shoes repel and expel water better, which keeps the weight of the shoe stable throughout the run in all running conditions. I've run in the rain and in the heat and the shoes' moisture level remains constant which means maintained comfort.

These are the shoes that inspired a few Scandinavian lads to create a new sport and an Internet sensation called Liquid Mountaineering. http://bit.ly/p4HEKN
What ever kind of running you do off the pave, take a spin in the V-Lites.
You can thank me later.


  1. Running is a best way to get fitness and we can’t run properly without comfortable shoes. I think the shoes are very soft and perfect for me. I will purchase it soon.

  2. "Vibram® calls it Flex-Zone and the groove is angled for a natural hinge motion." - it's not true; Flex-zone is just Hi-tec marketing term and it's copied from Inov8 shoes
    "The heel is slim and not overly bulky which favors a mid to fore foot strike." - the heel/toe drop is about 12mm which is typical for "support shoes", definitely not minimal. For mid/fore foot strike is beter 0-6mm drop. More is quite uncomfortable.