Thursday, April 7, 2011

HiTec Granite Peak Parka

The 3-in-1 jacket has to be one of the most difficult garments to do well. Finding a mixture of fabrics and insulation to keep the bulk down and the fit acceptable can’t be easy.

In my experience the shell is often too big, and the liner is too short to go it alone. The Granite Peak parka from HiTec has turned me around though, and I should really clear out my closet of redundant outerwear to make room for this multipurpose jacket. The insulation layer is a 200-weight fleece with a wind-block for the anterior. The same fabric lines the sleeves with serves two purposes. It cuts the wind and makes sliding the jacket on much easier. I have been wearing the fleece on its own, and I find uses for each of the three exterior pockets. The ideal temperature range is about -2 Celsius to about 7 Celsius. But slide the hooded Dri-Tec shell overtop and the temperature range goes way down.
The hood is not detachable, but it does roll up nicely into the collar. I’ve worn the jacket sledding, telemarking, to shinny and in temperatures down to -22 C with poor personal insulation (cotton T-shirt) and I’ve stayed toasty.

The shell also has good water repellency, although it bears not resemblance to a ducks back, I stayed dry when I used my shower as my testing ground. I could see the G.P. parka holding up in a rain-shower just fine, but it may not be my first choice for a downpour. The Granite Peak has many attractive features, and a big one is the price.
SRP is $199.
So if you are looking for one jacket that can keep you covered for most of the year, this could be it.

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  1. Love the shower test pic! My fave thing to do with new jackets.