Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sable googles

Swimming is has many benefits we all know about, but it's cheap to boot.
Just some trunks, maybe a cap and googles. So why would I spend triple the amount of most googles for a pair of Sables. Mostly because they claim to be anti-fog and great fitting. much for that sales pitch. On the third day, I wore these in a lake swim tri and although they weren't rinsed until I crossed the line, the googles were pretty much done.
The salesperson, and the included instructions are adamant about handling the lenses on either side to maintain the integrity of the coating. I still have these googles, use them occasionally, but they are on par with much less expensive earwear. The fit is just ok, and their claim about distortion elimination is not really noticeable. All said and done they are just average and definitely not worth the extra money


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