Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dakine Boot Locker

Although the ski season is far from over in the high alpine, down here the tulips are poking through. So the Dakine Boot Locker is the last ski related review for the winter. The design is not new, wet boots below, dry stuff on top, but Dakine has a nearly perfected the boot bag. Roomy enough for both of my kids boots and two helmets and all their kit.
I say nearly because the small stuff gets lost. A small pocket for keys, iPod, or glasses would have have been a homerun. Instead the bag is a standing triple. As I mentioned the bag is roomy for gear (69L), yet managable on my shoulder with the strap. The interior is lined top and bottom with a tarp liner which someone said reminded them of a pizza delivery box.
I have gone a long time just carrying my boots over my shoulder and somehow managing all my junk, because I had never seen a good solution, until now. In fact I bought two.


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